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The Department for Transport has sent out a letter which could have devastating implications for charities, community groups and public bodies that provide transport for their service users. It may result in cuts in services and operators no longer able to provide transport due onerous regulations and expense. The DfT are looking at how European Union regulations relating to passenger transport are interpreted into UK law, and the Government will consult in the autumn on how they want this to work in future.

Who will it impact? Not just community transport

Exactly how this will have an impact is as yet unknown, but there will be implications for hundreds of charities and thousands of their employees. Most crucially it presents massive risks to the quality of life and independence of many tens of thousands of vulnerable citizens. This is not just about community transport services, but all those other charities and community groups that provide transport for their beneficiaries to participate in whatever their social purpose is; be that sport, positive and healthy activities for young people, tackling rural isolation and helping older people stay independent. The CTA and community transport operators are pushing the UK Government to accept that they must leave these vital services in good shape and able to continue to serve their communities.

Please join the pledge and spread the message

Our pledge has four sentences that we hope you will be happy to support and promote to others:

I stand with all those charities and community groups that provide transport for a social purpose and community benefit. They enable people to live, learn and work independently, to stay fit and active, to access vital public services and participate in their community.

This type of transport provision is Britain at its best with communities doing things for themselves and it must be cherished, protected and nurtured.

I want the UK Government to work with its counterparts in the devolved nations to commit themselves to making sure that nobody suffers as a result of its proposed changes to operator and driver licensing.

I want them to commit to fully understanding the impact of their proposed changes so they can decide whether all this upheaval is worth it and choose another path or decide how they can support those communities most affected, especially our most vulnerable and isolated citizens

Thank you for caring for your local community and showing Community Transport your support. So please join our pledge and sign up here: