East Sussex Community Transport Operators Association

Benevolent Objectives of ESCTO

The Association's benevolent objective is the relief of age, poverty, sickness or disability through supporting its members in the provision of transport to groups or individuals in need of such relief, in the following ways:
1. The advancement of education for the benefit of the public in the field of accessible transport for anyone disadvantaged by mobility or poor transport links.
2. To support community transport (CT) operators within East Sussex to help them develop the services they provide to their beneficiaries by providing a forum where organisations can find mutual support, share information and provide a platform to discuss common issues.
3. To act as a conduit for dissemination of information between the CT operators and their beneficiaries and the decision/policymakers, particularly, but not exclusively, in the design of strategies that address the access and transport needs of individuals.

Community Transport in East Sussex

East Sussex is served by a number of community transport operators of various size and diversity.

East Sussex Community Transport Operators Association

All members of ESCTO are not-for-profit organisations and the majority are registered charities. who operate minibus services under sections 19 and 22 of the Transport Act 1985.
Most operate with a workforce of volunteers who give time to help others within their community. ESCTO members offer a wide range of services, which help hundreds of vulnerable people - who have no other access to transport - to attend medical appointments, go shopping, pay bills, attend social activities and visit family and friends. Without the services offered by community transport operators in East Sussex many people would be left isolated and unable to carry out routine tasks.